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Vacations can be a relaxing, fun and stress-free time for many of us. They can consist of going to a new place, meeting the family for the holidays or just spur of the moment getaways but the question will always be in a pet owner’s mind of what to do with our pets. Do we take them with us or leave them behind to be cared for? Not many of us travel with our cats or other small critters but dogs often make great company on these trips. How do you find a place that is pet friendly? Of course, there are always hotels but for those who want more space and privacy this can be a challenge. Follow me while I take you through pet approved websites that can help you find the perfect pet friendly residence to stay at.



My favorite website to track down pet friendly rentals is This website allows you to be very specific with your needs as well as Fido’s. It is important to remember not all needs will be in the location you will be staying. Often times though I am able to find just what I need.

I usually try to book residences that have fenced-in yards, are in a safe area where I can safely walk my dogs (as in not directly on major roads) and they understand that they are allowing dogs into their home. Is there anything worse then staying somewhere with your dog and feeling like you need to keep them on a tight leash or away from any furniture? These home owners here understand each dog is unique and has their own personality.


I myself have never used before but my husband’s Aunt and Uncle swear by it for their pet friendly vacations. They have a dog that suffers from severe anxiety issues and is not able to be left behind when they travel. Every time we see them at the holidays they are in a very pet friendly condo that is perfect for their needs.

Cruising through the website I have been able to navigate easily and right away find pet friendly places. I would go to this website if I am unable to find a place through HomeAway. If I didn’t already have an established website to do my researching I would place AirBnB right next to HomeAway in pet friendly sites. I would suggest giving them both a try if you haven’t already and see what site is best for you.

BringFido is a unique website that allows its users to search for many different pet friendly needs. My favorite section is the events. Have you ever thought about planning a vacation for your dog? Yes, you read that right, dog and owner vacations! Under the events section you can find dog friendly and dog focused events all over the world. If you are thinking about traveling new somewhere this coming year these events would be a fun way to spend bonus quality time with your dog and gain you extra points in their books, even though I believe we have infinity points with their love. If doing an outing event isn’t ideal for your dog they also offer services to find pet friendly vacation homes all over. Their website is very easy to navigate and can be used for both at home and while away needs.

Safe Travels

The holidays are just around the corner which for many of us will mean traveling. If you do so with your dogs I hope these websites can help you find vacation housing that allows you to relax, be stress-free and not have to worry about Fido barking at every person that walks by your hotel room. This may or may not have been my beagle in that room wanting to say hi to the whole hotel.

If you are not traveling with your pets or leaving some at home your favorite pet sitters at Love and a Leash are here to help! We will be here during the holidays to offer your pets quality one-on-one time. Our visit schedules are filling up fast, so we ask that you contact us as soon as you have plans made so we can work you in before all slots fill up. Safe travels!

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