How To Pay For Emergencies

We all have insurance for when we get sick or injured to protect us from the costly expenses that follow. However, how many of us have a savings account for our pets to pay for unseen expenses that can arise at any moment? The answer is most likely not many of us. Don’t feel bad for we mostly think of our pets as needing a yearly checkup and the costs of flea and heart guard protection. We can plan ahead for these expenses with no surprise fees. Accidents or sicknesses are the unpredictable expenses that often times leave us with tough decisions to make based on our bank account. Living in fear of something happening to your pet or of them getting sick can be put behind us with the benefits of pet insurance and/or Care Credit.


Many veterinarian offices will have information on pet insurance companies that they recommend. Each insurance company will vary in their acceptance requirements, costs and benefits. The main factor with most insurance companies is that they will not cover a preexisting condition, meaning if your pet has hip problems or is on daily medication they will not cover any further hip problems or daily medication. Some of you may be thinking what is the point of insurance then? Well, although they won’t cover preexisting problems they will cover any future problems, surgeries and medications. The best time to apply for insurance is as soon as you get a new pet. This will insure that the insurance company will cover them throughout life.

The ASPCA 2018 review lists the top 10 insurance policies that they recommend. Following the link provided you can read about each insurance policy as well as get a coupon for membership at

    1. Healthy Paws
    2. Pets Best
    3. Petplan U.S.
    4. 24PetWatch
    5. AKC Pet Healthcare
    6. ASPCA Pet Insurance
    7. Embrac
    8. Nationwide
    9. PetFirst
    10. Trupanion

Each of these Insurance companies have been around for many years, developing and changing to be the very best.


For those of you who are not able or interested in paying a monthly fee for pet insurance we have another great option to look into. Care Credit is recognized at mostly all veterinarians and emergency clinics. Like a credit card, you apply for credit based on your credit score. Care Credit can only be used at these locations but is not limited to only pet visits. You can use it to pay for heart guard and flea protection, prescription food, and medicine as well as visits, lab tests, surgeries, etc. There is no monthly fee or costs associated with it.

Care Credit has shorter term financing options for 6, 12, 18 or 24 months no interest is charged on purchases of $200 or more when you make the minimum payment and pay the full amount due by the end of the promotional period that you choose. They even have longer term financing options for 24, 36, 48 and 60 month periods with reduced APR and fixed monthly payments. More options are available to read on their website

As you can see Care Credit offers many incentives to apply for and allowing you to have a buffer for unpredictable expenses that may occur or to help with monthly expenses for your pet. There are no requirements or health tests for your pets to qualify. Care Credit is also great for an emergency fund with your pet sitter if something was to happen while you are away.


Having a pet can be stressful at times but they also bring so much joy to our lives. We cannot resist their cuddles, adorable faces and laughing at their own unique personalities. Extend the life you have with them by having a backup plan if an injury or illness arises. Although we all hope that we will never have to use insurance or care credit unless it is for routine checkups it helps take the ease of having funds off our wallets. If you still aren’t sure ask yourself how difficult would it be to have another monthly payment that can be a life saver if needed? Or, having a care credit card for backup? If your answer is not too bad, then reach out to your veterinarian for recommendations and do your own research as well to find the best plan that works for you and your pet. Trust me it will be worth it if the unexpected ever arises.

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